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I warmly welcome you as a member of the family of First Step Academy (FSA). It is widely recognized that the quality of a child's learning is underpinned by the caliber of teaching in our schools. We are pleased to say that FSA teachers are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential in education.


Teaching is a demanding and exciting profession, and teachers along with parents have a profound impact on the lives of children and through them exercise a significant influence on the shape of society. FSA is a Christian school; as such we take education a step further, teaching all our subjects from a Christian point of view.

We use the Abeka curriculum which provides Christian schools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training. However, just as importantly, teachers staff and parents should model to the students what it means to live and relate as Christians.


Here at FSA, we are passionate about the care and welfare of students. It is appropriate as a family to keep to the forefront the need to nurture the child in the spiritual, moral, cognitive, cultural, emotional, imaginative, social and physical dimensions of life. Our vision and lifestyle are a partnership between church, home and school. We recognize that we are members of the body of Christ and as such, shoulder the responsibility of Christian education together.

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  • Why do some of my child's snacks come back home?
    During the first few days and sometimes longer, the child may not eat very much. As they adjust to school, their teacher will encourage them, but not force them to eat more.
  • Should I be concerned when my child eats his snacks but not lunch?
    If a child will not eat anything but his snacks or dessert, it is better than not eating anything. A child's eating habits may differ from home to school. Send milk or a supplement.
  • Why is it October (or beyond) and my child is still crying when I drop him off?
    Children cry for lots of different reasons:- separation anxiety, someone else is crying, don't want to be told to sit still, don't want to do paperwork etc. Your only course of action is to consider your child as an individual and speak with his teacher on ways to make him more comfortable because he may just be crying in hopes that you will take him back home.
  • When is the best time to speak in depth with my child's teacher?
    After school. Mornings are used to prepare for the day ahead and teaching hours. Meeting at that time not only takes away from your child but the entire class' lesson.
  • What happens to my child's books and supplies at the end of the school year or if my child leaves school before the end?
    It is your responsibility to ensure that you've collected all of your child's belongings at the end of each school year, the school will not store any items whether your child is returning or not. Materials that are not collected are promptly disposed of.
  • Why is my child in so many fights or the victim of fighting children?
    You must look at your child's home environment to answer this question. If your child is accustomed to rough play it will be what he expects of his peers at school and it is wrong so your child may be punished to curve this behavior. Discourage this type of behavior. If your child is the victim it may be because he is not telling on the aggressive child and the teacher does not have a chance to curve the behavior. Encourage your child to talk.
  • Is there anything I can do to help my child learn/catch up faster?
    You can request a copy of the A-Beka Scope for your child's grade and give him supplementary work at home that corresponds. Try not to push your child too hard; home should still be a break from school.
  • Am I annoying my child's teacher by asking how my child is doing every day?
    Probably. Make yourself available and if your child's teacher approaches you with a concern deal with it accordingly, but if not, your child is fine. You can ask the teacher occasionally, but every day is not necessary.
  • How much should I help with homework?
    Homework is usually review/practice of classwork. Allow the child to do it on their own at first, your job is to guide him not to do it for him.
  • Will I receive a note or reminder about every upcoming school event?
    No. Notes will be given for each fieldtrip which will have a consent form attached to it but not for school events, please review your school calendar.

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Soldier Road Preschool:242-341-6860

Fire Trail Preschool: 242-361-0887

Primary Campus: 242-341-8846

Uniform Center: 242-341-8693

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